A supermarket had already been chosen for me

When claiming your voucher for the first time, you will be given the option to choose the supermarket brand at which you wish to spend it. Please be extra careful when making your selection, as this cannot be changed.

If you did not have the option to choose a supermarket brand, it is likely that someone else also has access to this voucher and has redeemed it before you. Either that, or you are trying to use a voucher that you have already used before.

If you are certain that you have not used this voucher before, please get in contact with the organisation that sent you the voucher, and ask them to contact us directly.

We will help them check their records to see if they have accidentally issued the voucher to more than one person. You will also need to give them permission to discuss your details with us. Once we have heard from the sender, we will email you to provide an update.

Together with the sender, we will figure out what may have happened. This may include finding out where and where the voucher was spent to get a better insight.