Can I check to see if the recipient has redeemed their gift or voucher?

For licence users only.

You can check the redemption status by heading to the 'Order History' page, and finding the relevant Huggg voucher. The status will be displayed next to each voucher link (as shown below).

Huggg statuses

Created - Link generated but not yet redeemed

No data available - SMS or Email link generated but not yet sent

Delivered - SMS or Email link received by recipient's device

SMS Failed - Something has caused the message to go undelivered. A network error or device issue etc

Blocked - Recipient's device refused the message containing the link

Expired - Link was not redeemed and the expiration date has passed. 

Redeemed - Link has been activated by recipient. Note - This does not necessarily mean the gift has been ordered or, in the case of gift cards, spent.

Click below for a demo video: