How can I find a specific welfare voucher that I have made?

Each set of vouchers that you produce is stored as a batch that can be found in the Order History section of your account. By clicking the red and white arrow at the end of each row you will be able to see the details of each individual voucher within that batch.

If you need to locate a specific voucher but aren't sure in which batch it is located, you can use the search bar that you will find at the top of the Order History section to help you find it.


You can use the search bar to search for links (or the link's specific details) using many different identifiers, some common ones being:

  • Recipient email address/phone number
  • Recipient name
  • Huggg link
  • Voucher value
  • Date created

If you leave the search bar empty and click the Display all button then the resulting download arrow, you can download a report that shows you the details of all the vouchers you have ever made.

Looking for vouchers made by another member of your team? See the article here.