How long does it take for my top up to arrive?

Your current available balance is shown in the top left corner of your account (in the red bar).

the URL of your account should start with blue.huggg

If it instead starts app.huggg, live.huggg or biz.huggg you are in the wrong place. Please contact us to help you correct this.

If you made a credit/debit card top up

Those funds will arrive immediately into your account. If you can't see them, hit refresh and they should arrive. 

Still not there?  Email with the details of the date and size of transaction, presenting visual evidence of the debit from your bank account please so that we can investigate.


If you made a direct bank transfer to us

If you use BACS, that system can take up to 4 working days.

If you use faster payments or CHAPS then it is the same day.

If this amount of time has elapsed and we haven't topped you up, the following are common reasons:

  • there wasn't a correct reference number on it and therefore we were unable to identify which account to credit - the reference number can be found on the remittance advice you created, it begins with a HG. Please contact us with this number and the amount transferred so we can identify the transaction
  • that a bank transfer wasn't issued and instead it was a purchase order process that wouldn't necessarily have resulted in the local authority sending a timely bank transfer - if this could be the case, chase that up on your end to grab the visual evidence of a bank transfer having been made (check that the date was such that it would be expected to have arrived)

If you joined on to an organisation's account and they are topping up your funds

Please first check that you are logged in to the correct account - here's how you will know that to be the case:

  • you created the account by following the invite from the organisation and NOT via our website.
  • the username you use to log in is the email address that the organisation used to invite you to join

If you are in the wrong place, please go back to the invite and follow it to create an account from there.

If you have joined in the correct place and a couple of hours have passed without funds, please contact the organisation.

If, after reading all of this, you feel that your transfer is stuck in the ether, please email with the following details

  1. the exact size of the transfer
  2. the date of the transfer
  3. the reference we should see on our side
  4. visual evidence of the debit from your bank account