How to send a gift or voucher via SMS



  1. Head over to the ‘Shop’ page and choose the perfect gift 

  2. Click on the ‘How do you want to send the gifts?’ drop down, select ‘SMS’. Then enter the quantity into the ‘How many gifts in total?’ box. This is the number of gifts you’d like to send.

    Please note: There is currently a limit of 100,000 gifts or vouchers per transaction. If you require more, please make another transaction.
  3. Once you’ve double-checked everything, hit ‘Personalise’

  4. Add a personal message (emojis go a long way!)
  5. Set the expiry date. This is the date by which the recipient must redeem their voucher. Click on ‘How long should the links be active for?’ and choose a date.

    Please note: Paid for Huggg/Welfare accounts (all but PAYG) will be re-credited for any voucher that expires before redemption.
  6. Check everything over, then once you’re ready … click on ‘Continue’

  7. Do exactly the same on the next page, and then hit ‘Create’. You’ll then be be given the option to send, by clicking on the ‘Ready to send’ button
  8. Next, you’ll need to copy and paste your recipients’ mobile numbers in the top box, separated by commas OR you can upload a CSV file with these numbers instead.

    Please note: The CSV file must be formatted as shown in the image below.

  9. Once you’ve double checked that the mobile numbers are formatted correctly, hit ‘Send’. Your recipients will receive their texts in seconds! Job done!

Tip: You can also add a ‘note’ (as shown in image below) next to each Huggg link you send out - works great as an identifier.