How do I transfer funds to my subteam?

Helpful for local authorities hoping to designate funds to subteams (e.g schools)

The admin can add or remove funds from each subteam account. 

Here is how you do this:
  1. Head over to the account page.

  2. Scroll down to the 'Manage subteams' section and find the relevant subteam.

  3. To add funds, enter the amount into the box marked 'Transfer funds' (circled in black below). Click the save icon. 

    You'll see the 'available' balance change to reflect this (circled in red below)

To remove funds, please do the same BUT, please add a minus sign before the amount (as shown below)

Please note: If you wish to delete a subteam, you'll need to ensure that all remaining funds are removed from their account first. Once this is done, you'll see the 'Remove' button reactivate.

For more information on how to delete users, please click here