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How do I get invoices and receipts?

To purchase vouchers you will first need to load up funds into your Huggg account's wallet. For details of how to do this, please see the article here.

We hold your money in your wallet on your behalf as this makes it possible for us to return any funds attributed to unredeemed vouchers back into that wallet in real-time.
Invoices and credit notes
  • Invoices are produced automatically each time you purchase vouchers from the platform. These can then be download these directly from your account.
  • Credit notes are also produced automatically to reverse the invoice for any expired or unredeemed vouchers. These are automatically re-credited back into your Huggg account.

Where to find your invoices
From the Order History section, head in to the relevant batch and click the red get receipt link under the Order Details tab. Further reports and paperwork can be found in the Account section under the Transaction reports and invoices tab.

Balance reports

We also produce a monthly report to reconcile your account balance. This shows movements of cash top-ups in and out of your account and the purchasing and re-crediting activity on your transactions. The report is available to download from the Account section under the Transaction reports and invoices tab. You will find details of any top-ups etc at the end of the docuement.


Paperwork to effect a bank transfer:
If opting for a bank transfer, from inside the platform you can create a remittance advice as and when needed to serve as a formal notice of where to lodge your credit.  A remittance advice is not indicating a sale being made, just a movement of cash into your wallet, and therefore doesn't indicate anything around purchase amounts or VAT.

Wanting to take money out of your Huggg account? Please see this article.