How to use Group Link

Important: Group Link is for companies using Huggg for gifting purposes only. Group Link is not for charities or organisations using Huggg for vouchering

Here's how you do it!

  1. Head over to the 'Shop all' page and choose the perfect gift

  2. Decide on 'How many gifts do you want to send?' 

    Please note: There is currently a limit of 100,000 gifts or vouchers per transaction. If you require more, please make another transaction.

  3. Once you’ve double-checked everything, hit ‘Personalise’

  4. Add a personal message and choose a design. Proceed to 'Checkout' when you're ready.

  5. Once you've reviewed your order, go ahead and click on the 'Pay' button. If you need a little more time, hit 'Save as draft'. You can come back and complete your purchase whenever you're ready, simply head over to your 'Orders' page to access the draft order.
  6. You'll then be asked to decide how you'd like to share the gift or voucher. Please go ahead and select 'Group Huggg'.

  7. Set the per-person limit. This is the number of gifts each recipient can claim. The default is set to 1. To change this, choose a number below ‘How many can each person claim?’ There is no limit on this, as long as it’s not more than what you’ve purchased!

  8. Decide how you'd like recipients to claim their gift. This can either be by entering their mobile number to receive a text (SMS) or email address to receive an email (Email).

    • OR you also have the option to lock the link (and gifts) down to a particular domain. For team celebrations, for example, it can be locked for any recipient that uses your company email address (e.g. or

    If you’d like to use this option, click on ‘Restricted Email’ and enter the email domains you’d like to lock it down to.

  9. Then scroll down and review the 'Order details'. Please ensure you double check the expiry date (see image below). This is the date by which the recipient must redeem their voucher.

    Please note: Paid for Huggg/Welfare accounts (all but PAYG) will be re-credited for any voucher that expires before redemption.

  10. Check everything over. When you're ready, scroll back up and click 'Create group Huggg' You can now send the link to your recipient in any communications channel that will allow you to paste the link.