Help! My welfare voucher/gift card has no money left on it

If you have tried to use your supermarket gift card and found that it has already been fully or partially spent, then please refer to the below information for help.

There are generally 4 broad possibilities for why this might happen, and it needs a little careful detective work to figure out the cause and therefore how to rectify the problem.

  1. You are trying to use a voucher you have previously spent. Please check to ensure you are using the most recent link you have been sent and that the sender has not accidentally sent you the same voucher link twice.
  2. A technical mix-up where the issuer has inadvertently sent the same link to more than one person.
  3. A technical mix-up by the supermarket's card processing system.
  4. Fraudulent activity wherein the voucher was issued correctly and with the correct balance, but somehow fell into the wrong hands and they spent some or all of it.

What needs to be done?

In every reported case of this, we need to investigate all possibilities. The technical possibilities we can look into, but we'd ask for your help please with anything related to activity on the voucher, because you're the person who has been in possession of the voucher most recently and you know the history of where you might have spent it (or importantly, not spent it).


Steps to take

  1. Please ask the sender (e.g. to get in contact with us directly. You will need to give them permission to discuss your details with us. 
  2. We'll check with the sender how the link was sent out, whether it was ever sent out to an email address or phone number other than yours, or whether there was any other way that it might have fallen into the wrong hands.
  3. We will verify with the supermarket everything we are able to learn about the balance on the card - ideally you can first check this too (see useful information below for details of how to check the balance and how to contact each supermarket regarding gift cards).  Where possible, we'll obtain a history of when and where any expenditures were made.
  4. We will perform some technical checks to ascertain whether there were any technical causes.
  5. We will ask the sender to contact you with the outcome. 


In our experience, it's overwhelmingly much more likely to relate to something human than something technical, so we try to rule this out first. 

If it does turn out to be technical, we will of course do everything we can to help. Please do bear in mind though that we do not have access to the supermarket's internal voucher processing systems so you may have to contact their customer services department directly. We will always be happy to provide whatever information we can to assist.


Some helpful info

How do I check the balance?

Brand Can I check my balance?
Aldi By visiting the checkout in-store or for queries email
Asda Yes, by going here
Iceland Yes, by going here
M&S Yes, by going here
McColl's By visiting the till in-store
Morrisons Yes, by calling 0344 381 9461
Sainsbury's If your physical Gift Card has a QR code on the back of the card., you can scan this QR code with a smart phone device and follow the link provided to confirm your current card balance and expiry date of your card.

You can check the balance of a Gift Card or eGift Card via our automated phone line on 0800 636262 you will need the 19-digit card number and PIN for this process.

You can also ask a store colleague at the till to complete a balance check. Note, we will also provide you with a receipt after each transaction to confirm the balance.
Tesco Yes, either at any Tesco store or by calling 03450 757 757
Waitrose Yes, by going here


How do I report problems and get more information?

Brand Who to contact if there's a problem
Asda Call 0800 519 33 33


Iceland Call 0344 375 0739


Morrisons Call 0344 3815042


Sainsbury's Contact customer services on 0800 63 62 62
Tesco Contact Tesco Customer Services on 0800 50 55 55
Waitrose 03456 049 049