How can welfare vouchers be out of stock?

Whilst it might seem strange that something digital can be out of stock, occasionally this does happen and here's an explanation why

Some of the supermarkets are able to produce digital gift vouchers on demand, whereas others can't and need to produce them in large batches in advance.

In cases where the supermarket has to produce them in advance, it can sometimes happen that a nationwide spike in demand causes them to run out very quickly.

When this happens, the processors set about creating new stock, but this can take up to a couple of working days in some instances.

If you are looking for a voucher and it says that it is out of stock, clicking on that brand will simply not work at all. 

Don't worry, it will eventually return back into stock and if you really want to shop with that brand, do just wait and refresh the voucher link once in a while to see if the status changes.

If you cannot wait, we're afraid it is then a case of selecting a different brand. Remember some of them are available for shopping online too.